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Nuclear Option

Camp’s been a trip

There’s been a real change lately in Katie Kaboom’s comings and goings in that she’s not been around except for maybe once …

Servers from Wiki commons

Hello new server!

After a fight I won with Pocketables and lost with theITbaby time and again we’ve finally moved off of the virtual server …

School from Pixabay

Two more days of Pre-K

After what’s seemed like an eternity, my oldest will be graduating and going to kindergarten finally. Tomorrow’s the last full day and …

Maggie in nerd glasses

Maggie’s kindergarten checkup

Maggie’s heading to kindergarten in a couple of months and part of this involves getting a quick physical and some vaccines. I …


Format of a parenting book

I’m on my 11th child behavior management book and I think I’ve got the format for most down (thankfully not the one …