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Nuclear Option

Fails all around today

Baby’s been sick a little so I ended up taking Maggie out by herself today. She’d wanted to go to Adventure Science Center which …

Aerin in toddler bed

Moving baby to a toddler bed

Yesterday we decided it was probably time to start the long and painful process of transitioning 21 month old Aerin from a …

FOSCAM brand reemerges in the US

I’ve been writing about FOSCAM products since 2014, and using them since 2013 when I took a security camera of theirs and repurposed …

Nuclear Option

Post vacation tantrum

After being relatively ok for vacation the 3yo got a toy she’d been working for for a long long time. I’m not …

Picard facepalm

Threenagers part duex

Maggie’s almost 4, and this seems to be the age where she both thinks it’s funny to ignore people, and sometimes is …

Nuclear Option

Parenting level up

This morning I came downstairs, Maggie was PTFO and exhausted from being slightly ill yesterday (thinking a cold, nothing major,) so I …