Unexpected $2.99 or $6.99+tax charge from Amazon Digital Services?

Amazon Fire Kids EditionWhilst perusing my credit card statement I noticed an unexpected charge for $7.65 (or $6.99 plus my city/state’s tax,) from Amazon Digital Svcs. Having been a multiple victim of credit card fraud in the past couple of months I watch that thing like a hawk.

If you bought a Fire Tablet for Christmas last year, cease panicking and read on.

I checked on Amazon and nothing was $6.99. I checked my digital subscriptions and nothing was $6.99 (or reasonably close.) No split orders, no movie rentals, no purchases.

I got on with Amazon support and discovered that it was the FreeTime Unlimited that came with Maggie’s Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet.

That still didn’t explain why I was being charged $6.99 (plus tax,) for it as opposed to $2.99 (plus tax.) The rep said that I had two children’s profiles on there so that’s what it was.

He sent me to www.amazon.com/myh/manage to look at it, yup, I’d put the grub in there as well and it auto charged me the 2-4 kids rate as opposed to the one child rate. The grub at the moment just learned to walk and doesn’t show a huge interest in tablets, so I removed her from Maggie’s Fire Kids Edition.

Both reps seemed to know what they were doing (I was in the wrong rep pool as I didn’t know what the charge was for.) I was refunded, removed the grub from the profile, and other than that there’s nothing to indicate there’s a recurring charge for this I’m pretty satisfied.

Hardest part I had was finding the contact us link.

  • Logic Prevails

    Thanks. Makes sense that the resub anniversary would be on Christmas. Hate that paniked feeling of needing to get new debit cards.

    • Judging by the 700 view count of this article yesterday I’d say a lot of people were in the same boat.