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If you’re PR, please send inquiries about having us play with your products to [email protected]. A quick bit so we don’t waste anyone’s time – we don’t republish PR kits. If we’re not testing it it’s not on the site. We also don’t do link exchanges, get rich quick schemes, multilevel marketing, etc so don’t waste your time.

Also, if you’re some company with a stock “your website contains technical errors which can be affecting your organic traffic flow… we’re only contacting you via gmail address to get around some of these errors…” please go away, I’m not buying your spam SEO advice.

I’m fine with you sending press releases, but don’t expect us to republish them.

If you want to use an image of ours, drop me a line at the media address above (or the contact thing below,) making sure to include what the image you’re using is for. You don’t get to use pictures of Maggie without express written permission, but if you’re crediting stuff properly to us I’m probably not going to jump down your throat.

If you’re press and coming here to do a story on what horrible people we are, please be aware there’s sarcasm, and tongues firmly in cheek throughout most of the site.

If you’re a pediatrician and have proof we’re really wrong on something and could harm a kiddo, please use the above link to contact us. If you’re a concerned parent attempting to forward us something that was debunked in 2007, go away.

If we have something on the site you need removed, such as if we’ve used a photo or graphic that was listed as public domain and it’s not, let us know. We’re not in the business of screwing photographers over, and we’re poor, so we’re really not interested in using anything copyrighted that could get us in trouble.

You can also try this nifty little contact form.

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  • Kai Sillanpää

    Hey, You started to take 2,99€ / month from my account few months ago. I don’t know what it is. I have not orderedanything!!an you explain.
    r. Kai Sillanpää_Finland

  • April Brown

    Hi Paul,

    I was wondering if you ever figured out how to add apps from google play to the kid account on a kindle. I just did all the fancy techie stuff to get google play on my kid’s kindle fire. Since he’s ten, I have it on parental control lockdown. He has to play games that I add via “Add Content” in the “Manage this child’s FreeTime experience” area. When I go there, none of the google play apps are visible to be added nor is the google play app, needless to say. Is there a way around this as of yet? He’s so annoyed with the limited games in AppStore but he’s too young for access to the full open side of kindle fire life. I’m hoping you can help a mom out. 🙂

    • The only way to add games into the Freetime side that a kid sees is to use a third party app signed with an Amazon hash like Goto Launcher. You can get them there easily enough by installing under a child’s profile, but there’s no way I’ve found to get their kiddy launcher to display them.

      You can add them as another adult account and see apps that way, but then you’re not getting the time limits. The issue is not so much the tablet or getting a thing installed, it’s getting their kid playground launcher to acknowledge an app from a different market.

      So, gotolauncher or whatever it is I described on the original will allow you to launch play apps installed in a child’s profile. This requires you to tap the gotolauncher app, then tap the app you want.

      To get something to show in the kid launcher you need to modify the metadata of the apk and that’s just too much work.

      • April Brown

        Thanks for this info. I think I’ll play around with both the second adult account and the gotolauncher in the kid view and see what I like best. I appreciate our reply 🙂 I also enjoy reading your reviews of stuff and just your stuff. It’s entertaining and enlightening and I lol a lot.