Status update for Pocketables audience

Hey gang, the Pocketables issue is resolved. If you’re still being redirected here please comment and let me know what article you were attempting to get. I received 644 more redirects and have no idea why as the site is no longer serving them up. Press back, then shift-f5 if you’re on a computer and it should refresh the header

Saturday November 4th, 2017 there was a database issue, Crowdgather support, the people who own Pocketables, fixed it.

Sunday November 5th the database went crazy and now nothing’s returning within a reasonable amount of time. I re-reported the issue. Monday they didn’t respond.

Right now I’ve got all Pocketables traffic coming here for an update that we’re down (as opposed to seeing a blank page.)

Wednesday November 8th, got an email late last night from the person in charge of accounting at CG who is going to attempt to get in touch with the owner to find out why we’re not getting any support.

Plans are being made for a lateral move to a different website. While we own, it’s probably time to disassociate from any similar name as CG could sell to something that completely brings down any cred we might have.

While I can’t do anything with the database, I did have access to the Pocketables theme editor and added a redirect over here.

  • Daniel Dur

    Yeah, Pocketables, although it’s a pity to lose the name, should take a step in another direction. Maybe a think tank for a new name should be started and prepare for a migration to some place else.
    Was a merger with some other blog ever considered?

    • We considered a couple of mergers, in both cases it was a wait and see thing.
      We’ve got, but I’m pretty sure keeping the name is going to lead to CG causing trouble.

      I’m at home with a kid, internet that goes out every 15 seconds, and waiting on comcast today. Probably try and sit down and write out something about the future later… just very hard with coughing toddler today

    • As of right now the database is working again and most of the plugins are reactivated. I’ve got no emails from anyone involved in fixing it and we’re just working on trying to grab a copy of each author’s work in case this happens again.

      Meanwhile still trying to get Pocketables in my name, so keeping pestering CG