Unexpected $2.99 or $6.99+tax charge from Amazon Digital Services?

Amazon Fire Kids EditionWhilst perusing my credit card statement I noticed an unexpected charge for $7.65 (or $6.99 plus my city/state’s tax,) from Amazon Digital Svcs. Having been a multiple victim of credit card fraud in the past couple of months I watch that thing like a hawk.

If you bought a Fire Tablet or Kindle or any Amazon product with Freetime a year ago, cease panicking and read on.

I checked on Amazon and nothing was $6.99. I checked my digital subscriptions and nothing was $6.99 (or reasonably close.) No split orders, no movie rentals, no purchases.

Roughly six months after I started ranking first page for “Amazon unexpected charge” they finally renamed the charge from “Amazon Digital SVC” to “Amazon FreeTime Unld” in the US. Is the service easy to find yet? Nope. But here’s a start.

I got on with Amazon support and discovered that it was the FreeTime Unlimited that came with Maggie’s Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet. Evidently it was a year of it and then they started charging.

That still didn’t explain why I was being charged $6.99 (plus tax,) for it as opposed to $2.99 (plus tax.) The rep said that I had two children’s profiles on there so that’s what it was.

He sent me to www.amazon.com/myh/manage to look at it, yup, I’d put the grub in there as well and it auto charged me the 2-4 kids rate as opposed to the one child rate. The grub at the moment just learned to walk and doesn’t show a huge interest in tablets, so I removed her from Maggie’s Fire Kids Edition.

Both reps seemed to know what they were doing (I was in the wrong rep pool as I didn’t know what the charge was for.) I was refunded, removed the grub from the profile, and other than that there’s nothing to indicate there’s a recurring charge for this I’m pretty satisfied.

Hardest part I had was finding the contact us link.

  • Logic Prevails

    Thanks. Makes sense that the resub anniversary would be on Christmas. Hate that paniked feeling of needing to get new debit cards.

    • Judging by the 700 view count of this article yesterday I’d say a lot of people were in the same boat.

  • pjchooch

    I found a similar recurring (monthly) charge of $3.18 on my credit card. There was nothing listed on my Amazon account. It has been occurring for more than a year.

    After contacting Amazon, it turns out to be FreeTime Unlimited. I asked how I could see this subscription on my account settings. YOU CAN ONLY SEE THE SUBSCRIPTION FROM THE KINDLE FIRE DEVICE!! Since we no longer use it, it would just keep charging my credit card forever, as it seems to auto-renew (more than a year).

    This seems more than a little shifty on Amazon’s part. Why not show the subscription on my main account settings?

    I got the subscription cancelled and the last six months refunded.

  • TriggyLA

    thanks for the info…. very sneaky this doesn’t show up under your digital orders. I did the math and realized I added my son when he was a few months old so add a year and change and I am just now noticing the charge

  • And 20,000 views later Amazon still isn’t making it easier to find

  • Lk

    Amazon -> Account – > payment method -> delete your card