After the tongue tie operation

Nuclear OptionAccording to our pediatrician and some research I’ve found on the net, tongue ties are probably the most overdiagnosed things by lactation consultants. Aerin has a tongue, it’s not particularly tied, there’s nothing to do with that without cutting into muscle tissue and that wouldn’t guarantee anything.

However, she did have a lip tie. They fixed that. It was horrible. I mean, she wasn’t in pain, or at least much, it just hurt to watch. She was fine 10 minutes after the operation and although she did throw up once afterward, and I’m assuming this was from stress, the rest of the day went pretty well.

We had a baby who slept through most of the night last night, supposedly breastfed somewhat decently although we’ll see how that works, and didn’t seem to be in any particular discomfort.

We’ll see how it goes. But a lip tie operation evidently is just quease inducing.