theITbaby’s all Elmo songs playlist

Elmo Songs imageYou’ve got an Elmo obsessed hangry toddler demanding to see nothing but Elmo songs in action before they’ll eat their dinner? here you go – fortysomething music videos featuring Elmo songs ranked in descending order of popularity on YouTube.

The Elmo Songs playlist will be updated whenever something new comes out or someone drops me a note that there’s something wrong with it.

Elmo and Kitty baitYou can bookmark this page and come back to it later (and Maggie gets about a penny in ad revenue,) or just follow it on YouTube. Playlist will be updated as I find new things.

Wherever possible when I ran across a non-Sesame Street account video I found the SS account as it’s just not cool to rip off Big Elmo.

There should be no non-Elmo songs in here, although some such as “What I Am” aren’t Elmo specific. If I got anything wrong in here, drop a line and let me know and I’ll correct it.