Enter to win a Para’Kito mosquito repellent band

Para'Kito bandIt’s summer, which if you’re in the south means humidity and mosquitos have been getting to know you for the past couple of weeks, sometimes on an intimate basis. They’ve also probably been chowing down on your kids unless you’ve been spraying, lighting the skeeter be gone candles, and the like.

Para’Kito makes an essential oil mosquito repellent wristband that you wear and slap a slow diffusion refill into and for the next 15 days you shouldn’t have to worry much about the West Nile virus carrying flying pests. The diffuser doesn’t contact your skin, so other than being bathed in some of the scent, and according to the FAQ page is safe for little ones as long as you can keep them from eating it.

I’ll note we haven’t tried this product out yet, it’s in the mail and the company asked if we wanted to run a giveaway and I said sure. As usual in these situations you’ll enter here, we’ll review the product sometime after we get it, link back to remind you you can win, and then announce the winners.


For all you readers out there, here’s how to enter.

Comment below on who you’re going to use this on, and what items have or haven’t worked as skeeter scooters in the past. Feel free to post something interesting as to why you should be the winner.

Winners will be selected Monday July 6th, 2015.  Winners email info (as defined in your disqus profile, make sure it’s right) will be forwarded to my contact for Para’Kito. People who didn’t win, your info doesn’t go anywhere.

Winners have to be in the US (because they don’t want to pay international shipping,) and it’s got to be legal for you to enter into a contest where your email (or any information,) can be given to a third party without written consent of a guardian (sorry 15 year olds).

That’s about it. Enter below, please tell your friends and close strangers even though this reduces the chance that you may win it does mean your social circle should have fewer mosquito bites, and that makes people nicer.

The product in question is one refillable wristband with two pellets.

  • EVula

    I’ll use it for myself for my regular summer gig. We’ve used a citronella candle in the past, but I’d like something a bit more mobile…

  • Vickey Foggin

    I would use this on myself because I am anyways being eaten alive by mozzies and every bite leaves a giant welt that lasts for weeks. Nothing has worked for me 100% except mosquito netting but that’s not practical. My current solution is to cover all my exposed skin with long sleeves and pants and spray Aeroguard (Australian mozzie repellent) around my neck, wrists and ankles. Ilive in Australia but if I win I’ll give you a U.S. Address to ship to.

  • Hayley mousley

    I would totally use this on myself – every mosquito in Oregon lines up to suck my sweet sweet life essence.

  • Jane Floyd Richie

    I would use this on my daughter! She apparently is SO sweet! And the bites get so big on her. She has a ton of bites and she is barely 2 years old so she doesn’t know not to itch them. 🙁

  • Randi COOK

    I would use it when I’m outback in my garden. I don’t like the sprays! They smell and are very sticky.

  • Karen Hicks Lawrence

    I would use it on myself – the babe is only nine months old and would definitely try to eat it! But it looks groovy in the pic, and would look even groovier on my wrist. I’d love to try it.

  • Jemina Boyd

    I’ll use it on my boyfriend, who’s blood is apparently sweet, sweet nectar to those awful Tennessee mosquitos! We even try prodcuts like OFF! with Deet and still no results!

  • Looks interesting. I would probably use it on myself or maybe strap it to the stroller. We’ve used the Columbia Sportswear insect-blocking shirts, and they have worked.

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  • Nana Jenkins

    I will use this frequently because my backyard is flooded because my yard is lower in elevation than my neighbors’ and the mosquitos breed like crazy. I cannot treat for mosquitos because I practice organic gardening and any treatment would contaminate the produce. I need something safe to help keep the mosquitos from biting me while I am gardening. I am on a fixed income and $20 is a lot of money for me right now!!

    • contest ended in 2015.

      Does using lemongrass oil for mosquito killing contaminate the produce? I’ve been using a mosquito fogger that claims it’s organic all around. I got 3 of whatever it is at Costco for $9 – looks similar to this: http://amzn.to/2uL8TBx

      It appears to work. At day 3 and no bites.