Came down to toddler with diaper in hand

Maggie v BubblesI looked in on the Foscam at 6am, Maggie was asleep, I decided I was going to attempt to sleep some more because I haven’t been sleeping quite normally lately and even though I wasn’t tired, meh… might as well lounge.

I looked again at 6:20 and she was zonked. I must have fallen asleep for a few minutes because at 7 she was awake and making her first “get down here before I start screaming” calls.

I got downstairs, opened her door, and there was a used diaper being held over the edge of the crib and a toddler with a face that said “look what I did”.

She handed me the wet diaper and I chucked it, noticed her pants were still clinging to her ankles but mostly off, and did a cursory bed check for pooplets or wetness and found nothing.

That’s going to be a different story if she gets up with poo…