The Daddle by Cashel

The Daddle in useEver feel a bit odded out by your children riding on your back without the proper riding gear? Well your worries and wierded outness are over with the Daddle by Cashel. Yup, it’s a saddle for dads.

I’ve often thought of products to fit various needs of baby transportation, been working on a headband/seatbelt for shoulder riding babies, but there’s a saddle for daddies and the reviews on it are hilarious.

The Daddle reviews

While it might be a perfectly useful product, the reviews will tend to steer people away from it, or not. Who knows. I’m amused by the idea. Back in my day we just had a rope and if you could stay on for more than seven seconds you got a lollypop.

The Daddle is evidently a real product coming in at $42.41 which isn’t that bad of a price for a human saddle if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s worth a look there just to check out the reviews.