We’ll be back next week

Staff reporter maggie working on a storyI’ve decided to take a break from theITbaby for a bit as I’ve got a lot to catch up on for my other blogging gig, and really I have not had a chance to properly set down and do a power review for anything for the past little bit due to some pretty horrible tenants I just got rid of, so taking a break until next week. The International Consumer Electronics Showcase also happened, along with a Christmas vacation in the past 30 days, so it’s been a bit of a chore sitting down and actually writing anything.

For the vast majority of the people on the site this post will mean nothing, but oddly we do have a core base reading now and figured I’d say hey, check back next week.

Also wanted to post the incredibly creepy picture I did today while attempting to make a logo for theITbaby that isn’t that one that’s up at the moment. I was playing around with attempting to remove evidence of feeding Maggie via filters and did that. It’s so creepy that I felt the need to share.

Yes, that’s a real keyboard, she loves playing with it at work. It’s not connected to anything. On her left is a pack of Kirkland baby wipes. The package crinkles please a work-bound baby.