Finally not sick, and cute pics

Maggie petting HammyMaggie’s 5 & 1/2 months old, and for at least twenty percent of her life she’s been sick now. Finally we seem to be at a point where she’s pretty stable stomach wise and not on a formula that doesn’t agree with her, we’ve wrestled with two or three diseases back to back, and once again we have a baby that sleeps for about seven hours straight.

Last night from 9pm-4am she slept solidly with no intervention. Before that she spent a lovely and cute time petting the cat and had a fairly good night of watching the Emmys.

I think she liked the Emmys last night so much because any one who got on stage was pretty much kicked off stage in 20 seconds, and she’s got a short attention span like that.

During the daytime she was a bit of a terror needing a nap and not going down, but I finally managed to force a nap on her by acting as a heat source and threatening her with potted chicken, which we discovered is absolutely disgusting although Hammy loves it.

Although I’d love it if Maggie would sleep from 11-6 or so, at least some solid downtime is happening.

Whatchoo talkin' 'bout Willis?Maggie and ITMama at MexicanMaggie, Hammy, ITMamaMaggie kissing on ITMama


Not been too much else other than getting ready to review a lot more products and write a few things on modifying your phone to be a more useful parent.