Sick again, entering week four

Sick Maggie sleeping propped up
Sick Maggie dramatically sleeps

A long time ago someone said I had the immune system of a newborn baby. I’m pretty sure that’s not a saying, but our relatively newborn Baby M is sick again after a month of illness that’s getting a bit absurd.

It started the middle of August when ITMama, Baby M, and I got a cold. Me and M managed to go through two distinct rounds of snottage, with Baby M’s poops becoming a thing of legend. After a week or so we talked to the pediatrician and they assured us (again,) that was pretty normal.

At two and a half weeks of poocano I took her in and they went to test her diapers for gremlins as far as I know but said otherwise she’s fine.

We had a glorious five days or so of Maggie feeling better, and then last night when she was in her crib she started making odd noises and being overly fussy, when I got down to her she was burning up with a temperature of 102f.

Children’s Tylenol and switching her from a warm set of jammies to a more breathable onesie brought the fever to a close around 3 or 4am last night, I got to bed at 4:30am or so and Maggie slept a good 40 minutes before waking up.

Her temperature returned today around 9:30am, although a pale version of whatever it was last night, and a little more baby med knocked the fever out in about 20 minutes and served to knock baby M out in about 25.

At the moment she’s passed out in the big bed, propped up slightly on a pillow as she’s been wanting to be propped since she got sick. Not sure if her head is hurting her or if she just is being more pitiful as a sick baby as a survival instinct, but it’s pretty cute and sad.