Staff Editor Maggie turns four months today

Here’s just a series of cute pictures of the newest staff member of theITbaby from the past four months.

Baby Monster 2013-07-27 16.28.14 2013-07-31 19.41.41 2013-07-27 12.23.29 Slightly pre-psycho Baby M baby pope hat Infantino Square Twist and Fold Activity Gym girl Maggie in nerd glasses MaggieThumbnail Maggie in a Swaddler (age approx one month) Arrington Vineyards Post nap situps cropped-DSC_0297.jpg Baby M with headphones Baby M and one of four elfin children Baby M and Baby C chillin for a few minutes in da crib Baby M and ITmama My fist, I eats it Maggie in a Bumbo knockoff

Bell Buckle Tennessee with the Infantino Swift Classic Carrier and Maggie on board
I don’t know how it’s possible that all the photos of me on the site I have the jackass glasses on

Autoframe Maggie with sunglasses and a PBR

that is all, nothing to see here, move along citizen.