Minor change to a tummy time mat = great fun

Maggie on the tummy time mattMaggie has a tummy time mat that she’s been rather indifferent about. I think the issue has been that the mat is designed more with an infant capable of flipping and scooting to get to the toys, and she’s just not capable of that.

Basically this mat, which I’ll review at some point later when I remember what the name of it is exactly, transforms from an easy-carry thing into a dome with four stuffed animals hanging down at the corners and a mirror that hands wherever you want it it.

The main problem is that to see the mirror she has to be in one location, and evidently smacking the same animal all the time isn’t that much fun.

Today I decided rather than putting the top part in the dome position to leave it in a pyramid position (actually, a square pyramid, but I didn’t want people to have to look it up,) and this brought the corner toys in reach of each of her limbs.

Maggie went from slight interest to being quite happy that everything she had could smack into something.

That’s about it. Baby is happier when able to wreak maximum toy impact. I fear for my future 😉

Pretty sure this will work for any dome-type tummy time mat (or baby fight pit as I call it) so might try if your kiddo’s interested but not terribly so.

  • i love those fat thighs! like her mama’s!

  • EM

    We have this mat in the boy version (I guess since it’s less purple), and he loves the mirror, but getting the toys within reach is critical for maximum utilization. We actually have it so the rings are at the bottom of some of the animals. He can grab the rings at which point he’s beginning to pull on them and I fear he is a budding gymnast (we’re going to start t-ball sooner than later to ensure that doesn’t happen.. is 2 months too early for that?). Overall, this mat is solid though, as it seems to repel spitup pretty well, which is a common outcome of tummy time.

    • Our friends have the boy version of that one also. She likes it a lot more than hers, I think due to the high contrast and not so much insane pinkness. But that’s girl products…

      I’ll be doing a review later on (probably next week) of first cleaning, mods, etc you can do on the thing. I’ll also actually know what the name is. I didn’t really think much about making an article about this until Google+ made the animated image for me and I was like “hrrrmmmm… that’s just too cute to not share” which is about what half my morning content is these days.

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