Today I fell asleep in the comfy chair.

Maggie and her chair
This is not my comfy chair, this is not me either

My chair is not a place I’d ever sleep. Not because it’s uncomfortable, but because I cannot sleep sitting up. This was most evidently horrible on the 20-something hour flight to Australia I’ve taken a couple of times, although I think the last time I actually managed to get pass-out levels and woke feeling absurdly horrible.

But today, 11 weeks into my baby’s life, I fell asleep sitting up without a bit of warning. I mean, I know I’ve been tired for a while, and I feel like I have winter bones now as something about my sleep is on-edge constantly, but man I did not know at nearly 2.5 months I’d not recovered from the infant invasion force.

It’s not really anything spectacular, but I woke up feeling rested for perhaps the second time since Maggie was born. I’ve actually had a pretty productive and good day, even if it did start a few hours late due to my passing out and getting to work way way late (and subsequently staying way way late).

For the first time in a while I’d say my mental capacity has reached about the 85%+ range, so I can think reasonably again, which has been something I’ve been missing for the past few months. I don’t claim I’m 100%, I still seem to consider things a lot longer than I used to, but at least I’m not feeling like I’m 50 years older than I actually am.

So, all in all, at 11 weeks, happy baby, sleep somewhat manageable, brain returning, know the next update I write will probably not be so pleasing but damn it’s a nice day and I’ve got a great little munchkin these past couple of days, other than some psycho freakouts.

[need pic of comfy chair, too lazy to go downstairs and take it]