Swaddling thoughts after two months

Hannibal Lecter SwaddleI’ve read a few theories on swaddling and I’ve now had the opportunity to see it in action for a couple of months. Here’s my scenario and thoughts:

Maggie is a healthy and happy little girl. She can fall asleep without a swaddle with no problem, but once she gets to sleep her arms will start flailing around and she’ll wake up when she punches herself in the eye. Usually this will involve a lot of crying.

The swaddle for Maggie does not need to be tight. There’s no difference between a tight “womb-like” swaddle for her and a loose “tight enough to hold her arms down” swaddle. If it’s loose, chances are we’ll wake up and see a baby with one arm that managed to go straight up in the night, but it will have prevented her from smacking herself awake.

When it’s tight, she does seem to go to sleep faster as there’s pretty much nothing she can do, but she also tends to wake up more and want attention, I think as she feels a bit helpless.

I think the ideal solution here would be some sort of baby handcuffs that shackle at the waist, that way baby has complete chest and leg freedom without the punching capabilities, or perhaps an umpire or hockey mask.

For the boys who slam their baby junk though I’m thinking the handcuffs at the waist are probably the way to go. Actually something like a baby stockade would probably be the best as not only would it keep your child from punching themselves awake, it would also prevent them from rolling over while swaddled and potentially choking themselves.

I’m thinking that solution might be best for kiddos who hate being confined but also beat themselves awake.

For now though the swaddler seems to be working for the Maggie moo. I’m a bit worried what it will end up being like when she’s able to roll over.

  • Jen

    A baby stockdale, ahahahaha…such a glorious mind you have, Paul. 😉

  • Hilarious – I’ve had similar thoughts myself with our three week old boy. He’s scary strong sometimes and powers out of the most locked down swaddles with the same vigor as a down and out Hulk Hogan who’s arm’s been raised for the third time and he’s ready to start Hulking up and slam Andre the Giant. An absolute Houdini. That’s assuming I can get him to relent and allow his arms to be swaddled in the first place.

    • Heh – getting the baby permission to swaddle is something I’ve been working on diligently lo these 10 weeks. Seems for me a large part is sitting in it and waiting for the pissed off baby to subside and then just tricking her on it…

      “oohh, look at that tummmy” /smile/ (swaddles feet) “oh look at that chin” /smile/ swaddles her left arm, /realization/ and grab the left arm and done.

      Shocked baby realizes she’s swaddled, looks indigent that I fooled her again, and bam… pacifier and lights out = sleeping monkey.

  • Nice read, I also found swaddling effective for my son. I too was worried about my son rolling over, so I eventually went to a sleep sack to free his arm but his still cover like a swaddle. Thanks!