Baby Products that don’t exist (yet) but Should…


A few product inventions I’d like to see:

Baby sock tape – does anyone else have problems with a future Rockette kicking her socks off every 2.5 seconds?

GPS enabled pacifier – buy two and link them to your smartphone. Voila! No more emergency ‘paci’ hunts at 3:14 am.

Snap on Arm Onesies – my husband gets super annoyed trying to pull Baby M’s arms through her pajamas. Baby M gets fussy too. Maybe a wife-beater hipster onesie could contain snap on arms for those too cold for sleeveless days?

Sound Indicator for a wet diaper – we could use pop rock or rice crispy sound technology or a small heat indicator that made noise to warn us a diapers wet before our darlings start wailing.

“Is my baby breathing?” lapel pin – as a brand new mama, you cannot help but look every once in a while to be sure your new one is breathing. I’m certainly not the only one am I? A small movement detector in a tiny pin would feel reassuring night and day!

Car Seat Treadmill – Baby M is a genius when it comes to knowing if her car seat is moving. She cries at stop lights, she cries in the seat before we pick it up and swing it. This little invention would save gas and arm power and lull your baby into that amazing car ride sleep coma.

How about your ideas? What genius baby inventions do you think need to come to fruition?


  • No pop rocks – remember “no sugar in the honey pot”


    Bane pacifier.

    Nighttime infinidiaper (something that can keep them completely dry for hours no matter what they throw at it)