Samuel L. Jackson reads: Go the F to Sleep

Go the F to Sleep

I'm not entirely sure what to think here

It’s 1:30am, I’m awake with heartburn and need to sleep. I thought about reinstalling Audible on my phone to listen to the soothing dulcet tones of Mr. Jackson reading Go the F to Sleep in a vain attempt to memorize it for when my kiddo needs to be read to bed, but ran across it along with the illustrated book available for free on Ebaum’s world.

Probably something all dads and dads-to-be ought to memorize unless you’re planning on raising your kid in a completely non-cursing household.

That’s it, no particular message here, just heartburn + insomnia = finding something interesting to share.

If you feel like getting a hardcover version of the book, you can pick up Go the F to Sleep from Amazon for $9.15. It’s pretty stinkin’ brilliant.

Also, I would feel dirty linking to Ebaumsworld without also providing the following video:

5 / 5 stars